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Topographies of Britain

Annual Conference of the German Association for the Study of British Cultures
22 – 24 November 2012, Basel, Switzerland

The aim of the conference is to explore the interaction between identity and space in Britain. We suggest that in order to understand the intricate relationship between material reality and discourse in the construction of our living environment, the study of British culture needs to be informed by a “geographical sensibility”. Since space cannot be considered a priori but is always subject to cultural discourses which determine how we perceive, conceptualize and shape our environment, we are committed to the study of cultural topographies, asking how spaces and places are constructed, represented, performed and contested. We envisage the following three strands of inquiry: Politics and the Lie of the Land (section one), Landscape and Culture (section two) and Practices of Space (section three).

Keynote speakers (confirmed)

Michael Gardiner (University of Warwick)
"The British Reliance on Identity"

Michael Symmons Roberts (Manchester Metropolitan University)
"The Making of Edgelands"

Sarah Whatmore (University of Oxford)
"Becoming With Others: Rethinking English Vernacular Landscape"